Creative Winter Enrichment from Dacula


A fun holiday craft to do with the children in your class or even your own children over the holiday break.

Clear, hollow, plastic globe ornaments.
1 bottle of floor polish (can be purchased in the cleaning section of any
grocery store)
Various colors of glitter.

1. You start by taking the top off of the plastic globes (where it hooks to the the tree when hanging)
2.Next you pour about a teaspoon of floor polish into the ornament. Roll the ornament round and round until it is thoroughly coated in floor polish. (Make sure that you are pouring the floor polish if working with younger children)
3.Last you will sprinkle a generous amount of glitter inside the plastic globe and shake well.

The glitter should adhere to the floor polish and when it dries you will have a beautiful, glittered ornament that will not shed glitter all over your classroom or home.


Making an igloo for an enrichment in the classroom. It is free and easy to add an igloo to your classroom to fit in with your winter theme. Igloos can be used to rotate your dramatic play theme or even as a cozy quiet area in your reading center.

1. Start by having your nutritionist and parents collect empty milk jugs. (make sure they are cleaned out well, they can tend to be stinky if not)

2. While the children are not in the class, hot glue the jugs together to form an igloo.

3. Demonstrate the appropriate way for the children to play in the igloo.  This will make sure that it doesn’t get broken too soon and doesn’t cause a safety risk for your class.

4. Enjoy!

Contributor:  Angela Griswell

Ideas for All from Barrington


Are you tired of dealing with sheet storage? Tired of the sheets going missing? Tired of them getting in the wrong cubby and on the floor? Try my solution.

A shoe organizer from Walmart!  It keeps the sheets organized, clean and stored in one spot. Number it 1 to 24 or how ever many you have. Hang it over a door near were your mats are stored.

-Christina Leatherwood, Private Pre-K – Barrington Academy

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Modeling Emotional Health

In Donna Rafanello’s article, “Show and Tell: Modeling Healthy Behaviors and Attitudes,” in the Exchange Essential article collection, Training Teachers: Techniques, she points out ways teachers can model healthy emotional behavior with their children:

“Caring for young children is emotionally and physically demanding work.  Recognize stress-related symptoms like tension headaches, neck and shoulder strain, irritability, digestive troubles, and frequent illness.  Learn new strategies for managing time, space, and people.  In this area, as with others, the focus is on prevention.  Anger directed at children and physical abuse are more likely to occur when caregivers are experiencing high stress.

“Develop coping skills to help you manage job-related stress.  Talking about stress with young children helps them learn to manage their feelings in healthy ways and to use play to reduce anxiety.  Children learn what they live.  When we demonstrate healthy ways of dealing with anger, sadness, envy, and other emotions, we teach children positive alternatives to negative behaviors and violence.”

Source:  Child Care Exchange 11/25/2013


This is a summary of important information you will need moving forward for the month of November.  I am working to send this to you each month so that you will have one reference point for information so keep this email in your inbox or handy for reference.  I have mailed your November newsletters to your prospective centers effective Nov 1 so please watch for them in your mailboxes.
  • The theme for November is Food/Health.  
  • We will be focusing marketing efforts on real estate/apartments. If community connections from real estate or Apartments come and tour our school, they get a free movie ticket.
  •  For referrals, we are offering a drawing for a free NOOK so let us know via the Weekly Update if you have families names to be entered in the drawing.    
  • Parents will continue to receive a free movie ticket for an online review.  Let us know if you need more stock and remember the goal is 2 reviews per month.
  • The door contest for November is Harvest Theme / We are Thankful for…prize is a $10 Starbucks Gift card for the teacher and a set of new puzzles for the classroom.  Photos to Facebook and parents vote.
  • School Events focus around the canned food drive and Giving Thanks Feast scheduled at each school.
INCENTIVES: I will be on site in November to offer up a sweet treat to staff and go over the incentives available to them.  Do you have ideas?  Please share them.
  • Cooking Contest for employees (Nov):  Pick a date and employees that want to participate bring a dish.  A panel of parents and administrators judges the contest. The winner gets a $40 gift card.
  • Employee Bonus Plan: I am working with Aneesh on final developments for this and will announce it later this month.  
  • Content Creation Bonus:  Teachers and Directors may write and submit content that can be used on our website and/or in print news or Enews.  One selection will be chosen from each month’s contributions to receive a $51 bonus.
  • Bring A Friend to Work:  Invite a friend to come and work for Meliora/Barrington.  If they are hired and complete their 90 day probationary period, the referring employee received $100.
  • Roles and Opportunities:  Please submit a list of employees that have accepted one of the prescribed roles for your center, (i.e. Videographer, Facebook Friend, Culture Connector, etc.)…emphasize that these are bonus opportunities…
  • Congrats to Barrington for making their Employee Costume Contest a success!  10-15 new Facebook likes and record breaking visits for votes.  Congratulations to Ms. Lindsay for her “King Kong” inspired costume ;.)
  • NEW!  Write Ups must be faxed for Kristi if/when they occur.
  • Evaluations (2 each month) must be faxed to Kristi.
  • Feature Teacher / Teacher Feature is due to Kristi the 10th & 25th
  • Events, Web Announcements and Menus:  Due 15th
  • Weekly Update due every Friday
  • Lesson plans due every Friday for Upcoming week
  • Vacation Policy Change:  Be sure that is memo is printed and circulated.  If employees have questions, please let me know.
  • Dacula:  TA visits scheduled for Nov 12th & Nov 19th
  • Lawrenceville:  Application Accepted, Orientation for Shirley Scheduled
  • Bouldercrest:  Application in process
DIRECTOR’S MEETING:  I would like to do another director’s meeting in early January.  I know the holidays are busy so please check your calendars now and be considering a date and advise.
Each Director and Assistant Director plus a guest is invited to a holiday party….date and time are TBA…more details to come. We will play a gift game.
Thanks for all that you do!!
Kristi Lachlan