This is a summary of important information you will need moving forward for the month of November.  I am working to send this to you each month so that you will have one reference point for information so keep this email in your inbox or handy for reference.  I have mailed your November newsletters to your prospective centers effective Nov 1 so please watch for them in your mailboxes.
  • The theme for November is Food/Health.  
  • We will be focusing marketing efforts on real estate/apartments. If community connections from real estate or Apartments come and tour our school, they get a free movie ticket.
  •  For referrals, we are offering a drawing for a free NOOK so let us know via the Weekly Update if you have families names to be entered in the drawing.    
  • Parents will continue to receive a free movie ticket for an online review.  Let us know if you need more stock and remember the goal is 2 reviews per month.
  • The door contest for November is Harvest Theme / We are Thankful for…prize is a $10 Starbucks Gift card for the teacher and a set of new puzzles for the classroom.  Photos to Facebook and parents vote.
  • School Events focus around the canned food drive and Giving Thanks Feast scheduled at each school.
INCENTIVES: I will be on site in November to offer up a sweet treat to staff and go over the incentives available to them.  Do you have ideas?  Please share them.
  • Cooking Contest for employees (Nov):  Pick a date and employees that want to participate bring a dish.  A panel of parents and administrators judges the contest. The winner gets a $40 gift card.
  • Employee Bonus Plan: I am working with Aneesh on final developments for this and will announce it later this month.  
  • Content Creation Bonus:  Teachers and Directors may write and submit content that can be used on our website and/or in print news or Enews.  One selection will be chosen from each month’s contributions to receive a $51 bonus.
  • Bring A Friend to Work:  Invite a friend to come and work for Meliora/Barrington.  If they are hired and complete their 90 day probationary period, the referring employee received $100.
  • Roles and Opportunities:  Please submit a list of employees that have accepted one of the prescribed roles for your center, (i.e. Videographer, Facebook Friend, Culture Connector, etc.)…emphasize that these are bonus opportunities…
  • Congrats to Barrington for making their Employee Costume Contest a success!  10-15 new Facebook likes and record breaking visits for votes.  Congratulations to Ms. Lindsay for her “King Kong” inspired costume ;.)
  • NEW!  Write Ups must be faxed for Kristi if/when they occur.
  • Evaluations (2 each month) must be faxed to Kristi.
  • Feature Teacher / Teacher Feature is due to Kristi the 10th & 25th
  • Events, Web Announcements and Menus:  Due 15th
  • Weekly Update due every Friday
  • Lesson plans due every Friday for Upcoming week
  • Vacation Policy Change:  Be sure that is memo is printed and circulated.  If employees have questions, please let me know.
  • Dacula:  TA visits scheduled for Nov 12th & Nov 19th
  • Lawrenceville:  Application Accepted, Orientation for Shirley Scheduled
  • Bouldercrest:  Application in process
DIRECTOR’S MEETING:  I would like to do another director’s meeting in early January.  I know the holidays are busy so please check your calendars now and be considering a date and advise.
Each Director and Assistant Director plus a guest is invited to a holiday party….date and time are TBA…more details to come. We will play a gift game.
Thanks for all that you do!!
Kristi Lachlan

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