Creative Winter Enrichment from Dacula


A fun holiday craft to do with the children in your class or even your own children over the holiday break.

Clear, hollow, plastic globe ornaments.
1 bottle of floor polish (can be purchased in the cleaning section of any
grocery store)
Various colors of glitter.

1. You start by taking the top off of the plastic globes (where it hooks to the the tree when hanging)
2.Next you pour about a teaspoon of floor polish into the ornament. Roll the ornament round and round until it is thoroughly coated in floor polish. (Make sure that you are pouring the floor polish if working with younger children)
3.Last you will sprinkle a generous amount of glitter inside the plastic globe and shake well.

The glitter should adhere to the floor polish and when it dries you will have a beautiful, glittered ornament that will not shed glitter all over your classroom or home.


Making an igloo for an enrichment in the classroom. It is free and easy to add an igloo to your classroom to fit in with your winter theme. Igloos can be used to rotate your dramatic play theme or even as a cozy quiet area in your reading center.

1. Start by having your nutritionist and parents collect empty milk jugs. (make sure they are cleaned out well, they can tend to be stinky if not)

2. While the children are not in the class, hot glue the jugs together to form an igloo.

3. Demonstrate the appropriate way for the children to play in the igloo.  This will make sure that it doesn’t get broken too soon and doesn’t cause a safety risk for your class.

4. Enjoy!

Contributor:  Angela Griswell

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