January Summary

This is a summary of important information you will need moving forward for the month of January.  You will receive this to each month so that you will have one reference point for information so keep this email in your inbox or handy for reference.

The focus for January will be on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics as a Theme.  Please continue working with your staff to make sure that they are compliant with their training requirements and continue learning how to utilize all of the new online reporting mechanisms available in your Google Drive account.


  • The theme for January is STEM.
  • We will be focusing marketing efforts on DFCS or other children’s services and support providers. If community connections come and tour our school, they get a free movie ticket or a $10 Starbucks gift card (you have a stock of movie tickets and get their address to mail the Starbucks card with a thank you note).
  • For new enrollments, we are continuing our offer of a scholarship opportunity valued at $600.  See the flyer or section below for details.    The first award will occur on or about January 15th for qualifying schools.  Participating parents will be notified of their eligibility and invited to be present for the drawing.
  • Parents will continue to receive a free movie ticket (or) Starbucks Gift Card for an online review.  Let us know if you need more stock and remember the goal is 2 reviews per month.  You must ASK for these reviews.  They will not happen by themselves.  They need to be on Yahoo Local, Google Places, etc.
  • The participation pays event is a classroom enrichment contest.  Teachers should design an activity or addition to their classroom for the students that focuses on a STEM experience.  The school videographer can video child engagement with the activity and these can be posted on Facebook for parent viewing and the executive team will review and award a winner at each school…prize is $40 cash or gift card of choice for same value.
  • School Events focus around Spirit Week at three centers and a Fashion Show too!  We look forward to seeing pictures of all the fun events posted on your pages….2 posts per week please.  Try not to overload families with too many posts as they will tune FB out.  Each school is asked to present a Science Fair which can be employees designing an experiment and children touring the experiments (or) children designing an experiment to share.
  • Referrals from enrolled families will be awarded with the regular tuition credit after 4 weeks of attendance by the referred family and their names will go in a drawing for a Family Pack of 4 tickets to Fernbank Museum of Natural History.


Due to some extended needs in some areas of our schools, the intended weekly rotation for Kristi Lachlan at each site has shifted.  You may always reach out for assistance or inquiry to her via phone at (hidden) or by email at (hidden).  If you’d like a tentative schedule of her visits, please email your request.


We are offering a $600 scholarship to a family at each school that enrolls during January -February.  There are a variety of publications which are promoting this at this time.  The award will be made by drawing on March 15th as long as each school has had the minimum number of students enroll (4).  Candidates must be in good standing with the school – student and family.  See the enrollment flyer and memo for details.


Meliora has a Groupon that went live on 11/25/2013.  I have provided each of you with an independent login to the merchant center in order to redeem any vouchers.  Vouchers are for a series of 5 or 10 drop in visits, a 4 week enrollment, or an 8 week enrollment.  They cannot be combined with any other special.  This will remain active through January.  If a tour comes and they are “on the fence”, you may suggest the Groupon as a means of trying us out.


The next postcard mailing for all schools should be sent the first full week of January (6th-10th).  I have spoken with all of you and you are in process.  Please call with questions.  The final mailing will be schedule for the first full week of February.  Left over cards should be distributed manually within your community.  I recommend pre-boxing the routes at this time for ease of processing later.


Participation pays was a lot of fun in December with a variety of activities from an elf dress up to deliver Toys for Tots donations, an ugly Christmas Sweater contest, and themed door contests.  Encourage participation in the STEM activity this month!!  The initial payments for the enrollment bonus for November were paid out mid-December.  Special thanks to all who are helping our centers grow.

For those who committed to an engagement role for your school, the directors will need to report on your participation and level of commitment activity for the month of December.  If positive results were achieved, that individual will receive up to a $25 bonus for December / $50 if the committed at the beginning of November.


Congratulations to Bouldercrest for being the first school to hit consistency of lesson plan reporting and quality within the Meliora group.  You guys ROCK!!  The first quarter results indicate you are a positive leader and example to your peers.

All other schools please continue to work with your teachers on consistent and high quality planning and reporting.  I like giving spontaneous gifts…please give me a reason!


BA is currently exempt from reporting due to a technical hiccup.  Once resolved I will instruct you on the process.  BC and LAW are moving to personal entry for each of their schools.  I am continuing to work with DAC on this exercise and we should have it ready for personal entry mid-January.  Great work!!  Don’t forget to insert notes for deviations from the planned hours…or to explain unplanned overtime.  I will be monitoring entry.  Please continue to enter your data each morning for the day prior.


Participation in weekly updates has slipped somewhat in the last 30 days.  Please be mindful to get your entry done weekly.  If a day other than Friday works best for you, this is acceptable as long as you communicate it to the Executive Director.  Marketing updates need to be entered directly into the marketing spreadsheet and supply/maintenance requests should be entered directly as well.  I am considering adjusting the format to require this going forward.  You will be provided a minimum of 1 week notice if the format changes.  If we can use the existing one efficiently, there will be no need to consider change.  Thanks for your help!!


This has been extended until January 7th because of staffing hours inconsistencies over the break.


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